Full Time


1.Oversee day to day operations of the facility
2.Provide for site safety and security
3.Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of systems and equipment
4.Devise and implement site policies and procedures
5.Prepare and file accident reports
6.Monitor fire alarm control panels and other emergency equipment
7.Handle emergencies appropriately according to established procedures
8.Maintain up-to-date county, municipal, and state licensing
9.Ensure compliance with company or government regulations
10.Keep accurate records of employee attendance and time sheets
11.Supervise and evaluate staff; complete employee reviews
12.Interview candidates; on board and train new hires
13.Provide positive direction to motivate quality performance
14.Discipline personnel when necessary and appropriate

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration or relevant field
Years of prior experience in managerial or supervisory roles
1.Proficiency with multiple computer operating systems and software applications
2.Reading comprehension of technical documents
3.Excellent written and spoken communication skills
4.Exemplary analytic problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
5.Proven leadership skills with a large and diverse workforce
6.Ability to nurture effective professional relationships with staff and clients