Full Time


Position Description: Relationship /Marketing Officer

This is a full-time role and you will be responsible for sourcing new clients for the company as well as manage and maintain good relationship between clients and the company for long term benefit to both parties.


This role is ideally suited for a person who has, or is willing to make, high connections, and regards him or herself to be a top-notch marketer and love dealing and meeting with people, and is ready to help clients meet their goals.

Someone with at least 6 months work experience with marketing/business related areas may apply for this job.

This role involves sourcing for new business and maintaining long term business relationship between clients and the company, and may include:

  1. Involving in developing marketing campaigns to promote products and services
  2. Preparing weekly reports
  3. Improving clients and company business relationship for long term
  4. Advising clients and maximizing long term revenue opportunities for the company


A qualified candidate for this role must have the following competences:

  1. Understanding the business challenges facing clients
  2. Meet set targets
  3. Presentation skills and familiarity with Microsoft suites
  4. Teamwork
  5. Ability to increase productivity
  6. Ability to improve approaches and commitment to continuous learning
  7. All competencies required of C.S.O as above