Public Relations


Full Time


  1. Manage and maintain the MD’s diary and email account.
  2. Filter emails, highlight urgent correspondence and print attachments.
  3. Organise inbound emails into the appropriate folders and any relevant information to be copied into the correct file on the hard drive.
  4. Respond to emails as much as possible, dealing with appointments, requiring Bio or photos etc.
  5. Ensure busy diary commitments, papers and travel arrangements are managed effectively including
    producing a daily folder with diary, necessary papers etc. and troubleshooting problems.
  6. Conduct weekly diary meetings with the MD to discuss upcoming engagements, invitations and
    other requests.
  7. Schedule on behalf of the MD meetings between him and his direct reports and the committees
    and groups to which he is a member.
  8. Coordinate travel and accommodation requirements in connection with others and ensure
    arrangements in place for the MD match his requirements.
  9. Filter general information, queries, phone calls and invitations to the MD by redirecting or taking
    forward such contact as appropriate.
  10. Ensure the MD is fully briefed on, or prepared for, any engagements he is involved in. Keep and
    maintain an accurate record of papers and electronic correspondence on behalf of the MD.
  11. Prepare correspondence on behalf of the MD, including the drafting of general replies.
  12. Minute general meetings as required and complete research on behalf of the MD
  13. Keep and retrieve files.
  14. Ensure guests meeting with the MD are well taken care of.
  15. Provide a service that is in line with the MD’s work habits and preferences.