Full Time



  • To be able to communicate regarding the tasks and job responsibility and set expectation
  • To be able to communicate and lease with other chefs and related heads of the departments
  • Overall to be able to have good communication and expect support from the Ex Chef or Ex Sous chef   in order to anticipate issues, challenges and  opportunities ahead  for the success of the restaurant
  • To be able to communicate with senior managements
  • She or he will be responsible to coordinate with the stewarding departments to set up equipment’s / par stock/inventory
  • She or he will be responsible to coordinate with the purchasing departments to set up system procedure in order to obtain quality product
  • Overall implement procedures and production processes in order to run a professional and systematic kitchen operation and give all the tools to the staff in order for them to perform at their best
  • Always looking for improvements in all aspects of the operation and make suggestions
  • She or he will be required to maintain professional grooming and appearance and act like a role model
  • Italian Chef job will report directly to the Ex Chef also working with the ex Pastry chef, bakery chef and indirectly with the Ex Sous chef western
  • Good knowledge of computer Word excel
  • Understands purchasing control system .